June 2020

low hydrogen welding electrodes

Low Hydrogen Electrodes

Low Hydrogen electrodes are very popular in the industries because of the following reasons; Ability to produce X-ray quality welds Good weld bead appearance Ability to weld thicker material with high deposition rates Less susceptible to failures and cracks especially Hydrogen Induced Cracks Sound weld metal properties with good toughness A smooth, stable and quiet […]

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stainless steel welding

What is stainless steel

This article covers the following topics/questions; What is stainless steel? Types of stainless steel. Is stainless steel magnetic? Stainless steel welding and weldability. How to select the welding rod or filler wire? we will start this article with the first topic/question i.e what is stainless steel? WHAT IS STAINLESS STEEL? Stainless steels (SS) are essentially

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Underwater welder

Underwater Welding

Underwater welding plays a crucial role in repairing ships, offshore structures like oil drilling rigs, and submerged pipelines. The process of retrieving damaged components from underwater for repairs can be both costly and time-consuming. This is where underwater welding comes in, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution. One unique aspect of underwater welding is that

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