(UT) Ultrasonic Test Basics

High frequency sound waves (frequency > 20000 HZ) also known as ultrasonic waves are introduced in a test object through a probe, these waves travel through the material on a predictable path. The waves are reflected at interfaces or other interruptions or discontinuity. The reflected waves are detected and then analysed for the possibility of any discontinuity in the test object. Sound beam is emitted through a probe. The probe….

Angle Probe Calculation for UT

SELECTION OF PROBE ANGLE: There are three methods for selecting a probe angle, these are: Based on groove angle:             Probe Angle (Ø) = 90 – α/2 Where, α – Groove angle and Ø- Probe Angle As per AWS: 0 – 30 mm Thickness – 700 Probe 30 – 40 mm Thickness – 600 Probe > 40 mm Thickness – 450 Probe As per approved procedure:….

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