Welder Performance Test

Welding Positions

Plate Welding Positions For plate welding we have four different positions namely; Flat position (1G or 1F) Horizontal Position (2G or 2F) Vertical Position (3G or 3F) Overhead Position (4G or 4F) Note: 1. G Designates groove welding (V-groove, J-groove, U-groove etc.)         2. F Designates fillet welds (“T” – Joint, Lap …

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Welder Qualification Test (Performance Qualification)

Welder Performance test is also known as welder qualification test or Performance qualification test. Welder performance test is a very basic and most important step before assigning the job to a welder. The performance qualification test is done to determine whether the welder or the welding operator can produce a sound weld or not. Each …

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