Types of weld joints

The American Welding Society defines a joint as “the manner in which materials fit together.” there are five basic types of weld joints:

• Butt joint.
• T-joint.
• Lap joint.
• Corner joint.
• Edge joint.

1. Butt joint:

Butt joints are end to end joint, in which the parts lie in the same plane and are joined at the ends.

butt joint

2. T-joint:

In a T-joint (also called as Tee Joint), one part is at the right angle to the other part and it forms a shape similar to alphabet “T”.

T (tee) joint

3. Lap joint:

In Lap joint, two overlapping parts are joined together.

lap joint

4. Corner Joint:

In corner joint ends of the adjoining parts are joined, parts are placed at right angles to each other.

corner joint

5. Edge joint:

The adjoining parts in edge joints are kept parallel with each other with a common edge and the joint is made at the common edge(s).

edge joint

Please watch the video (given below) for a better understanding of classification of weld joint:


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