About Me

Hi !!!

My name is Sandeep Anand. I am a Mechanical Engineer with more than thirteen years of work experience in the field of Welding and NDT.

My educational qualifications are:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mechanical) from VTU, Bangalore
  2. ASNT NDT Level II (VT, UT, PT, RT, MT) from TTC affiliated to ASNT
  3. Advanced Welding Technology from FTI (Government of India)

I started my career in Sept 2007 as an Inspection Engineer and have rendered my services to many industries such as power plants, pipelines, cement plants, refineries, and petrochemicals.

I like to share knowledge through my website and my YouTube channel, please share your views about the quality and the contents of my website and my videos. You can suggest to me if you want me to add any article or video of your choice.

Thank you

Sandeep Anand