Globe Valves – What is a Valve (Part – 2)

In the Valves Part-1, you learned, What is a valve, its history and its categorization, to read that article please click here. In this article, we will discuss about the valves categorized by design. The list follows as; Globe Valve Gate Valve Plug Valve Ball Valve Butterfly Valve Diaphragm Valve Pinch Valve Piston Valve Needle Valve Check Valve Relief & safety Valve Special Valve In particular, this article is going….

What is a Valve (Part – 1)

Introduction: Valves are mechanical devices, specifically designed to direct, start, stop, mix, or regulate the flow, pressure and temperature of process fluid. The need of Valve came after piping or plumbing. Plumbing dates back thousands of years in the civilization of human across globe. Valves can be found just about anywhere today, in our homes, under the street, in commercial buildings and in thousands of places within industrial and infrastructure….

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