Preparatory Questions For AWS & CSWIP Exams

Preparatory Questions (Set – 6)

1.  Which of the following processes joins metals plastically? Friction welding Resistance welding Plasma welding None of the above 2.    In submerged arc welding, excessive arc voltage may cause? Excessive penetration Change in weld metal composition Narrow weld width All of the above 3.   In a tensile test, a brittle material would be indicated …

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Preparatory Questions (Set – 3)

1. Overlap in welds could be influenced by: Welding process Welding position Poor welding technique All the above 2. In MAG/CO2 welding which parameter gives the greatest control of weld appearance during dip transfer or short-circuiting welding? Wire stick-out length Welder’s convenience Wire feed speed Inductance 3. In X-ray work the quality of the radiographic …

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Preparatory Questions (Set – 2)

1.  Stress relieving is not helpful in which of the following cases? Softening the steel Lowering the peak residual stress Improving resistance to stress corrosion cracking Improving dimensional stability after machining 2.  Stray arcing may be regarded as a serious defect because: It may reduce the thickness dimension of a component It may cause liquation …

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