TIG Welding (GTAW) Electrodes

In GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) also known as TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas welding), a non consumable electrode (made up of Tungsten) is used. Tungsten is preferred due to high its high melting point (approximately 3,4100C) and high hardness. Either pure tungsten is used as electrode or it can be alloyed with other elements. These electrodes come in a variety of sizes and lengths. These electrodes are color coded to distinguish it from others. The color appears at the tip of the electrode. Different types of TIG welding electrodes are as follows;

  1. Pure Tungsten (Color Code: Green)
  2. Thoriated (Color Code: Red)
  3. Ceriated (Color Code: Orange)
  4. Lanthanated (Color Code: Gold)
  5. Zirconiated (Color Code: Brown)
  6. Rare Earth (Color Code: Gray)

TIG welding electrodes classification

  1. Pure Tungsten:
  • Color Code – Green
  • AWS Classification – EWP
  • 99.50 % Tungsten
  • Ideal for AC welding
  • Excellent arc stability
  • Less expensive
  1. Thoriated:
  • Color Code: Red
  • AWS Classification – EWTh-2
  • Tungsten (97.30% min.) + Thorium (1.70% to 2.20%)
  • Also known as 2 percent thorium
  • Preferred for longevity and ease of use
  • Can be used with both AC as well as DC
  • Expensive and radioactive material
  1. Ceriated:
  • Color Code: Orange
  • AWS Classification – EWCe-2
  • Tungsten (97.30% min.) + Cerium (1.80% to 2.20%)
  • Also known as 2 percent ceriated
  • Preferably used with DC welding
  1. Lanthanated:
  • Color Code: Gold
  • AWS Classification – EWLa-1.5
  • Tungsten (97.80% min.) + Lanthanum (1.30% to 1.70%)
  • Also known as 1.5 percent lanthanated
  • Arc initiation excellent and very stable
  • General purpose can be used for carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Can be used with both AC and DC
  1. Zirconiated:
  • Color Code: Brown
  • AWS Classification – EWZr-1
  • Tungsten (99.10% min.) + Zirconium (0.15% to 0.40%)
  • Also known as 2 percent Zirconiated
  • Suitable for AC welding
  1. Rare Earth:
  • Color Code: Gray
  • AWS Classification – EWG
  • Contains additives of rare-earth oxides (% unspecified)
  • Polarity depends upon the percentage of the rare earth oxides
  • Wide range of applications



Watch the below video for a better understanding of TIG welding electrodes;

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